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Hybridisation in d-block elements

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    Hi, can someone please explain how to find the hybridisation when elements of the d-block are involved? For, example.. What is the hybridisation undergone by Fe in Fe(CN)2??
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    when you get into the bonding and hybridization of d-block elements you are getting into crystal field theory, which is a major component of undergraduate inorganic chemistry. The more advanced version of crystal field theory (which takes into account molecular orbital theory) is ligand field theory.
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    Actually it would have more to do with the VSEPR theory, you need to apply the standard protocols that are outlined in a standard chemistry text. If you need help with the specifics (specific questions), you can ask them individually here.
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    Well, I got this doubt when I was trying to determine the hybridisation taking place in certain species. Can you help me out with this one? Fe(CN)2?

    Thanks for your time.
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