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Hydraulic cylinder (Shell) stresses

  1. May 18, 2015 #1
    Hello guys,
    this is my first time here take an apology if I choose wrong section of forum.
    I just want to know should in shell of double-acting hydraulic cylinder (as in hydraulic presses ) should longitudinal/axis stress be analyzed beside radial and Circumferential/hoop stress and take in consideration.
    I searched everywhere and couldn't find answer. I know that longitudinal stress is not important for open end cylinder such as gun barrel, but what about hydraulic press cylinder??

    Thanks in advance
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    Since this post has not been answered for 2days I'l take a gander.
    Imagine the hydraulic piston to be the bullet in a gun. Any similarities?

    Also if it were to be blocked all hydraulic machinery has relief valves set to much below bursting pressure
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