What is Cylinder: Definition and 1000 Discussions

A cylinder (from Greek κύλινδρος – kulindros, "roller", "tumbler") has traditionally been a three-dimensional solid, one of the most basic of curvilinear geometric shapes. It is the idealized version of a solid physical tin can having lids on top and bottom.
This traditional view is still used in elementary treatments of geometry, but the advanced mathematical viewpoint has shifted to the infinite curvilinear surface and this is how a cylinder is now defined in various modern branches of geometry and topology.
The shift in the basic meaning (solid versus surface) has created some ambiguity with terminology. It is generally hoped that context makes the meaning clear. Both points of view are typically presented and distinguished by referring to solid cylinders and cylindrical surfaces, but in the literature the unadorned term cylinder could refer to either of these or to an even more specialized object, the right circular cylinder.

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  1. K

    Tipping a container of water

    Not clear how to proceed. Does the cylindrical surface of the ungula need to be considered?
  2. M

    Determining radial force on shaft

    Hello, For the mechanical system below, i'm trying to understand the relationship between cylinder applied force and radial force. The system consists of a shaft which is held in-place by a bushing. The shaft is connected to an air cylinder via a linkage. The air cylinder is on a fixed pivot...
  3. abobik

    Find the partial diameter error of the surface area of cylinder

    (ΔSA/ΔD) = 2πHΔD Something is wrong I guess as I get wrong value.
  4. A.T.

    I Marble spiralling inside a cylinder- New video

    There is a new video regarding an old thread we had here: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/marble-spiralling-inside-a-cylinder.521152/
  5. MatinSAR

    Calculate the torque that is produced by this force on a cylinder

    Why it said that angle between r and F is 30? I guess it should be 120 degrees... Am I wrong?
  6. M

    Varying fluid (density) in a cylinder rolling along an inclined plane

    I am not sure if my report is complex enough as it should be at the undergraduate level preferably based on the requirements for it and it feels like it's all over the place as of now.
  7. Chestermiller

    I Focus Problem for Entropy Change in Irreversible Adiabatic Process

    I have an ideal gas in a cylinder with a massless, frictionless piston, and the gas starts out at To, Po, Vo. The system is adiabatic. Initially, the gas is in equilibrium with an external pressure, also at Po. I initiate an irreversible process by instantly dropping the external pressure to P1...
  8. tracker890 Source h

    Why is 2.4-L Max Vol V1 in Diesel Engine Cylinder Example 9-60?

    Q: Why is 2.4-L referred to as the maximum volume instead of the displacement volume in Example 9-60? note: maximum volume = V1. displacement volume=V1-V2 reference: displacement volume 9-60 9-153 9-164 9-167
  9. Mohmmad Maaitah

    Net torque on a cylinder by multiple applied forces

    Why did he give torque number 4 zero? It's not touching the axis of rotation and the angle 90 degrees between them. I get this: ##\tau## = 1 - 0.8 - 0.4 + 0.4 = 0.2 (C.C.W)
  10. Xiothus

    Solve First Year Harmonic Motion Problem: Cylinder Rolling

    Thank you guys for taking the time to read this - I'm decently struggling with first year and need some tips on how to properly conceptualize problems and learn what the right approach is on certain problems. Have a wonderful day, again thank you for checking this post out!
  11. Saladsamurai

    Predicting Remaining Pressure in Compressed Gas Cylinder

    Well, it's been nearly 10 years since my last post, and it's been about that long since I've thought about ideal gases, so here we go :smile:. Description of Setup I have a system that uses compressed gas cylinders as a source to slowly purge an optical payload. The source is 12x compressed...
  12. uSee2

    Kinetic Energy of a Cylinder Rolling Without Slipping

    Given that there is a cylinder rolling without slipping down an incline, the method I was taught to represent the KE of the cylinder was: ##KE_{total} = KE_{translational} + KE_{rotational}## ##KE_{total} = \frac {1} {2} mv_{cm}^2 + \frac1 2 I \omega^2## Where "cm" is the center of mass, and...
  13. B

    B How to draw a plane intersecting a cylinder at a "compound angle"

    Hello. For a project I am working on I need to draw a template of a "curve of intersection" of a plane (B) intersecting a cylinder at a "compound angle".. I do not know the correct terminology so I added a sketch of what I wish to achieve. If it is not understandable please say so and I will...
  14. bruhtation

    B gas cylinder at constant pressure being exposed to atmosphere, how?

    im learning thermodynamics and currently in a lesson about thermal processes. one process has constant pressure and before diving into equations or any proof the book provides a figure of a gas cylinder. the cylinder has a movable piston/lid on one side. the book then says "...and the piston end...
  15. 1

    MCNP6.2 - SDEF on a RCC surface

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to set up a surface neutron source on the surface of a cylinder defined as a macrobody (RCC) and used also to define cell of the system. My aim is setting up a surface source where I'd like to give a specific spectrum (and DIR) at each surface defining the cylinder...
  16. rokiboxofficial Ref

    Surface density of the charges induced on the bases of the cylinder

    The correct answer to this problem is: ##\sigma = \varepsilon_0E\frac{\varepsilon-1}{\varepsilon}## Here is my attempt to solve it, please tell me what is my mistake? ##E_{in} = E_{out} - E_{ind}## ##E_{ind} = E_{out} - E_{in}## ##E_{in} = \frac{E_{out}}{\varepsilon}## ##E_{ind} = E_{out} -...
  17. A

    Moment of inertia problem involving a cylinder rolling down an incline

    a=2/3*g*sin(25*(pi/180))=>a=2.8507 m/s^2 vf=vi+at=>vf=0+2.8507*1.50=>vf=4.2760 m/s So the translational motion of the cylinder is 4.2760 m/s. 4.2760=R*w w=134.04 rad/s PE=mgh=>PE=215*9.8*.108=>PE=227.56 J PE = KE at the end of the roll because of energy conservation. 227.56 =...
  18. J

    Method of Images from an earthed half cylinder and plane

    Hi, I want to solve the problem by method of mirroring and by using the electric field by doing superposition and then adding them up to use in Lorentz law to get the force. I have attached a figure that represents the problem. How do I know from the figure that $-p_l$ is from the...
  19. martijn_tholen

    Propane/Oxygen - from Cylinder to Oxy/Fuel cutting torch

    For one of our projects we are at present using quite large amounts of gas & oxygen. What I was trying to figure out was how to calculate the total available amount of gas in a cylinder (be that either Propane/Oxygen or Propylene (Propene)) and then to determine whether or not -given a certain...
  20. C

    Calculating Linear Charge Density of a Cylinder

    For part a: I know that linear charge density is the amount of charge per unit length, and we are given the volume charge density. Since we are given the volume, we can obtain the length by multiplying the volume by the cross sectional area, so C/m^3 * m^2 = C/m. The cross sectional area of a...
  21. C

    Need help determine force from cylinder linkage

    How can I determine the downward force of the rod with the given cylinder pressure and mechanical linkage? Do I sum my moments about the pivot? I calculated M=950xCOS(75.732)x7.81 + (X)SIN(63.414)x9.4 which resulted in 1828lbs. I get 217 lbs which does not seem right.
  22. Some1WhoNeedsHelp

    Calculating the motion of air cylinder

    I am stuck at A, how do you calculate the motion of the air? I know ρ=m/V but what is the mass of the air, or I got that question wrong? Thanks
  23. M

    I Coil Around A Tube - Iron Cylinder Inside Tube - How Many Turns Needed?

    Hello, I am wanting to wrap a coil of wire around a tube, suspend an iron cylinder in the tube, energize the coil, and have it be able to suspend around 500 pounds on the iron cylinder. I was playing around with some online calculators for coils, and didn't really get anywhere, so I figured I...
  24. S

    Maximum angle reached by a cube placed inside a spinning cylinder

    I am trying to solve a problem where we have to find the maximum angle before a cube starts sliding when said cube is placed inside a spinning hollow cylinder (the cylinder is placed horizontally). The radius of the cylinder is 0.4 m, the coefficient of static friction between the cube and the...
  25. G

    Total force that a fluid exerts on a cylinder

    Figure: I have calculated the density of the cylinder: ##5479,0\, \textrm{kg}/\textrm{m}^3##. Attempt at a Solution: $$d=0,12,\,\, L=1,1,\,\, D=0,122,\,\, e=0,002,\,\, c=0,02,\,\, b=0,4,\,\, a=0,7$$ $$\omega =100\, \textrm{rpm}=10,472\, \textrm{rad}/\textrm{s}\quad e=0,122-0,12=0,002$$ We...
  26. W

    Need to determine best placement and stroke length of a pneumatic cylinder

    I'm making a device that will tilt a 500# load 20 degrees. Going to consist of a hinged 24" x 24" platform (that the load sets on). The platform will tilt to the right(clockwise) according to sketch. The upright post that the cylinder is attached to could be any length. The cylinder will...
  27. S

    Is a 2 ply cylinder as strong as a 1 ply twice the thickness?

    If you want to make a cylinder of for example 4 mm thick steel but you just have 2 mm sheet available to roll into a cylinder and weld it. If you then roll 2 cylinders with 2 mm wall thickness and make sure one is the right size for a interference fit over the other and then heat the larger one...
  28. Strato Incendus

    Number of Decks on a Rotating Habitat

    My current spaceship design with several ring habitats (6 in my case) works well for worldbuilding purposes, in the sense that the reader should easily be able to tell what types of facilities can be found where on the ship. That’s because the rings distinguish themselves from each other by...
  29. R

    Use Gauss' Law to calculate the electrostatic potential for this cylinder

    I solved laplacian equation. and got the solution of V(r, phi) = a. +b.lnr + (summation) an r^n sin(n phi +alpha n ) + (summation) bn r ^-n sin( n phi +beta n)
  30. BlackPhysics

    A cylinder with cross-section area A floats with its long axis vertical

    Summary: A 5.0- cm -diameter cylinder floats in water. How much work must be done to push the cylinder 11 cm deeper into the water? F =Aρgx A 5.0- cm -diameter cylinder floats in water. How much work must be done to push the cylinder 11 cm deeper into the water? F =Aρgx x being the...
  31. T

    Cylinder Force Calculations

    I am trying to calculate the force required to lift/move the beam clockwise from the shown position. I have a force (F1) acting at the end of the beam, 5,000lbs pushing to the left, as shown. What is "Fcyl", or the force required by the cylinder to life the beam with the acting load, and rotate...
  32. M

    Getting an exact amount of Methane out of a cylinder

    Hello, I am currently working on a research project that involves filling a 10L tedlar bag with about* 8 liters of methane gas from a compressed gas cylinder. I'm trying to work out the best way to fill the bag with a reasonable degree of accuracy while also minimizing (or hopefully avoiding...
  33. C

    I Friction of a rolling cylinder on an incline

    Hello everyone! I'm watching this Walter Lewin lecture and am at 5:58 part of the video I'm wondering how there's a frictional torque applied to the cylinder, my reasoning is that the object has forward velocity, and on a perfect cylinder, the slope of the incline touches the cylinder at a...
  34. M

    Cylinder Falling from Unwinding String

    I need help with this homework question and I'm blanking out. Can anyone help me to answer this question correctly.
  35. Ahmed1029

    I Dipole moment of a cylinder of uniform polarization

    If I want to calculate the dipole moment of a dielectric cylinder of uniform polarization perpendicular to its axis, I could multiply the polarization by the volume of the cylinder, which is okay. But another method is to consider the cylinder to be a superposition of two cylinders of equal and...
  36. nomadreid

    I A gravity conundrum involving a solid cylinder

    Given a cylinder of height 2k with constant density and total mass M, and another object (for simplicity, a point mass) with mass m on the top of the cylinder; the force of gravitation is calculated between the centers of mass, which for the cylinder is at a distance k from the point mass...
  37. L

    Flux of constant magnetic field through lateral surface of cylinder

    If the question had been asking about the flux through the whole surface of the cylinder I would have said that the flux is 0, but since it is asking only about the lateral surfaces I am wondering how one could calculate such a flux not knowing how the cylinder is oriented in space. One could...
  38. A

    Gaussian cylinder enclosing cylinder of charge

    I am confused why we don't take into account the lids of the cylinder since the Gaussian cylinder is of finite height L as shown in the image
  39. Salmone

    I Particle on a cylinder with harmonic oscillator along z-axis

    I need to know if I have solved the following problem well: A spin-less particle of mass m is confined to move on the surface of a cylinder of infinite height with a harmonic potential on the z-axis and Hamiltonian ##H=\frac{p_z^2}{2m}+\frac{L_z^2}{2mR^2}+\frac{1}{2}m\omega^2z^2## and I need to...
  40. LCSphysicist

    Constraints on a hoop rolling on a cylinder

    My question is about the contraint we need to use to solve this problem. The answer to the question use the following constraint: $$(r+R)\theta = r\phi$$ Where $\theta$ is angle from the radius of the fixed cylinder to, say, the vertical axis. And $\phi$ is the angle that the rolling cylinder...
  41. J

    What is the electric field inside an infinite cylinder?

    3 cm is inside the cylinder. We can use a gaussian cylinder to enclose the inside of the cylinder up to 3 cm. Because the outer cylinder is infinite there is no flux out of the end caps with the inner cylinder. There is also no charge enclosed in the cylinder. So the electric field 3cm away from...
  42. M

    A Resonant frequencies of liquid in a cylinder

    Hi PF! I have been on and off working on a fluids problem for 2 years. I am SO close but the answer isn't coming out clean. I'll highlight the equations I solve and the technique. If you can help me finish this, I'll not only be incredibly grateful but I'll either thank you in the paper...
  43. wnvl2

    I Relativity paradox: rocket landing in a cylinder

    A rocket has length L with a separate head on top. The rocket lands in a cilinder on Earth with height L with speed v. From the point of view of the rocket, the cylinder undergoes a Lorentz contraction. The rocket will therefore collide with the bottom of the cilinder and damage it. From the...
  44. O

    I Gas cylinder cooling effect

    I'm building a gas supply system that will dump half the contents of a compressed gas cylinder of nitrogen in 10 minutes. I need to ensure the output delivery pressure doesn't fall below a certain limit because of cooling during the gas expansion. If the cooling effect is excessive, I will...
  45. JD_PM

    Software advice on fitting an orifice within a cylinder

    I have a stp file (PF does not support it so I cannot upload it here. If there is a way I can share it please let me know) of an orifice and I want to create a new file where the orifice is fit inside a cylinder. What software do you recommend me to use? Thank you! :)
  46. guyvsdcsniper

    Change in internal energy of a cylinder

    I believe I got the first part of this questions solved. For part b, we are asked to find the change in internal energy. We know ΔE=Q+W. The cylinder,gas and piston head are the system. The cylinder and piston head are well insulated, so there will be no head transfer, therefore Q=0. So now...