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Hydraulic scissor lift using syringes

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    I m making a hydraulic lift using syringes (piston and cylinder mechanism). can anyone suggest the combination of syringes for maximum displacement. will the scissor lift work properly?
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    Welcome to PF, Sam
    You might have to be a bit more specific about your question. For one thing, you haven't mentioned the scale of this thing.
    If I were to build one, on a table-top device, I'd go with 3cc units for the activators and a 50cc to pump them up. That's just me, though; I love overkill.
    For bigger scale, I don't know. From experience having played with these things, I can say for certain that a 50cc used as an actuator can lift over 130 lbs.. (I know because I was the load.)
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    The assembly should be kept in a cube of 300 mm side (excluding input). it should have to lift a platform up to 1.2 m. Weight doesn't matters for me as its a light weight.
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