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I am in desparate need of a job

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    I am getting my Ph.D. soon, in the field of EUV imaging and optics. Since I am not an American citizen, I have been turned down by some potential employers. I am so depressed. Don't like to whine here but would like to hear suggestions on where to find a job with my background. Thanks
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    I really hate to burst your bubble, but finding a job in industry with a Phd is becoming more and more difficult in America. I know some Phds who have been looking for jobs for years. One even had to work as a cashier at an amusement park when the going got tough. Nature has a very interesting article about this:


    I wish I really had some advice for you, but I have none.
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    You are not a citizen, but you live here in the states, right?
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    I don't know if this helps, but NASA seems like it would be a possible candidate. Best of luck!
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    If you're here on a student visa, you'll need someone to sponsor your work visa. There's always teaching. Have you looked into that aspect?
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    To work at NASA you MUST be a US citizen, even a naturalized citizen needs to jump through all sorts of hoops to work for the government, for a non-citizen it's simply not possible.

    My father-in-law is a naturalized citizen and has a PhD in physics, he taught in Buffalo, NY and Lubbock, TX , and had planned to work on the super collider project near Dallas until the funding fell through so he took a job working for a government contractor. I would think teaching would be the best first option for you for now.
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