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I am Planning to take College Physics , but I Have Never Taken Physics

  1. Jun 7, 2013 #1
    In my next semester I will take Calculus and Calculus Base Physics, which only covers Statics and dynamics of particles and rigid bodies; force and motion; energy and momentum; rotational motion, elasticity and simple harmonic motion.

    Would I do well in the physics class without physics in high school?
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    If you really enjoy physics you can defintely do it =)
    You may have to read around and catch up a bit, but if the subject is interesting to you then that isn't a problem. The only thing which can possibly stop you from not doing well is whether you end up finding out that you dont really enjoy it, so do read a bit of physics before hand and figure out whether it is for you or not
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    They teach it to you as if you have never learned it before, from scratch. You should be fine
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    I've never seen physics before this course and I got a B+ in it, but I am of below average intelligence so you should do well in it
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    My high school was too small to offer courses like physics, calculus, etc. Therefore, I'd never taken it before college either and did well. If you put in the time, study smartly, and ask for help when necessary, then you should be fine.
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    I would be more concerned about not having previously taken calculus rather than physics.
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    Don't worry, the only thing you'll need to know by heart will be: [tex] F = ma [/tex]
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