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I attend college on a government grant?

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    Hi all, I am in poor finance and I would like to attend college. My father died in Vietnam; can I attend college on a government grant? One of my friends told that I could attend college on a government grant because my father died as a result of Agent Orange in the Vietnam War. Is this true and if so where do I go to get more information about this? Please help me. Thanks a lot.
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    I know there is a program that gives help to family members of veterans of the Marines, as for the other branches, try going to http://www.finaid.org/military/veterans.phtml" [Broken] and just look around.
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    There might be. Was your father on active duty at the time of his death or did he receive a service-related disability rating? I take it you are no longer a dependant (since the war ended in 1976)?
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    If your father died during the Vietnam War, then you're not exactly a youngster just starting out. I'm not sure if the rules change once you're old enough to be financially independent. A lot of the rules based on parental income (or lack thereof) change once someone passes about 25 y.o. and is assumed to no longer reasonably expect a parental contribution for colleget education.
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    So he died during wartime? Yes, it is also something they do for dependents of totally disabled veterans. My wife and duaghter both receive it.

    The issue becomes your age. You would have to be under 26 or 25. And if you are then yes it is 925.00 a month if you are a fulltime student. It is called chapter 35. Survior and Dependents education.
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