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I came up with a cool parametric equation

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    y = 2.5*(fresnelC(t*2) - arcsinh(t/2))
    x = 2.5*(fresnelS(t) + arcsinh(t/2))

    In case you don't have anything that can graph this, this is what it looks like from t = -2*pi to 2*pi, from y = -7 to 7, and from x= -7 to 7:


    There are a lot of interesting ones that can be made with the fresnel integrals, but I won't list the other ones that I found because they are all pretty similar.

    Do you have any cool equations? I tried looking online, but the ones I could find weren't all that great.
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    Wolfram Alpha has a LOT of cool plane curves. Many of them are rather amusing. For example, this one.

    As a side note, this probably should go in the lounge.
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