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Homework Help: I can't figure out if this statement is true or false, i said false

  1. Sep 12, 2006 #1
    This chapter is working with negations of Quantified statements.

    True or False. All the occurrrences of the letter u in the title of this book are lower case. Justify your answer.

    I said false, because they arn't being clear when they say "this" If even 1 book doesn't have a lowercase its false. But what is the method you would go about solving this?

    I never took a negation of a non-if then statement. If its if then, its pretty easy:
    ~(Ax, if P(x) then Q(x)) equivlent too Ex such that P(x) and ~Q(x)

    Ax in D, Q(x) equivlent Ex in D such that ~Q(x)

    Note: A should be upside down, and E should be backwards.

    THanks! :biggrin:
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    If this problem was in a chapter of your textbook, look at the title of your textbook!
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    It was, the title of my text book is:

    Susanna S. Epp
    Discrete Mathematics with applications Third Editition

    So is Susanna S. Epp part of the title? I think not, so it has to be false right?
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    Are all unicorns green? In logic this translates to,
    For all x, if x is a unicorn, x is green.
    or more informally
    If there is a unicorn, it is green.

    There aren't any unicorns, so the antecedent of that implication is false. So all unicorns are green.

    Does this help you?
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    yes I believe so! Since the title of the book has no u's (they don't exist, like the unicorn), So All the occurrrences of the letter u in the title of this book are lower case.
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