I can't figure out this problem

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I can't figure out this problem!

Homework Statement

The two wire loops shown below carry current as indicated. Draw 4 arrows representing the magnetic field due to the bottom loop at the top loop. Draw 4 arrows representing the forces on the top current loop due to the magnetic field in the bottom loop. (Clearly label both sets of arrows). Describe any motion of the top loop that may result from the forces acting on it.

OK i can't paste the loops in here for some reason but they are just two circular loops facing horizontally with currents going in the same direction.
I can probably try to get them on somehow but right now i can't seem to figure out how? thanks a lot to anyone who can help

Homework Equations

The Attempt at a Solution

I tried writing 4 arrows from one loop to another and then 4 arrows going in between(parrallel) to both of the loops but i was told that it wasn't right so now i have no idea what to do!

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Welcome to PF :smile:

Unfortunately you're not allowed to post links until you've posted 15 times. I know it's a pain, but it helps with keeping the spam level low.

Instead, if you type "www", then a space, and then the rest of the address, I think it will display and people can find your figure.

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