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I dont get them and they seem to easy

  1. Jun 15, 2008 #1
    a force of 120N pushes a 5kg block up an incline plane (20 degrees) at a constant velocity. given information find coefficient of kinetic friction between block and incline
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    You will want to start by looking at the forces or force components that are either pushing the block upward along the incline or pulling it downward.

    Since the block is moving at constant speed along the incline, what does that tell you about the balance of forces along the incline?
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    i dont know help me get started u drew a picture with all of the diagrams,,,, but i dont know how to set up the problem because i have to use the conservation of energy principles.
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    Oh, you have to solve this using work and energy, rather than forces?

    All right, what forces are acting along the incline? You need to know that in order to know what kind of work is being done.
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    i dont know how to plug in the numbers
  7. Jun 16, 2008 #6
    Since the block is moved with constant velocity, there is no net force acting on it.
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    Mechanical energy wont be conserved, some if it will be dissipated into heat since there's friction.

    I don't see how you're going to solve the problem using energy with the values you were given.
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