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I have a big exam on Wednesday. It's the last one before the drop

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    I have a big exam on Wednesday. It's the last one before the drop date. I just need all of the help I can get. Any help would be appreciated. Here is where I am right now:

    • I want at least a B on this test.
    • Made very bad grades on first two tests.
    • However, if I get good marks on last two (very last one is a cumulative), I will get a B.
    • We are allowed to use notecards with equations (no actual words though).
    • We get a review, but it only has three types of problems.
    • Will cover three chapters: rotations, statics, and fluids

    So, are there any tips that you can think of? I'm trying my best to study. I know WHY I am doing poorly (don't know when to use which equation). I've practiced and practiced and I STILL forget. The math is no problem. I'm just feeling really disheartened.

    A C would really destroy my GPA (have a 3.7); and can't afford to drop another class (already dropped 2 in first two years of college). Thanks, guys.
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    Re: Stressed!

    Are you drinking or doing drugs? Are you going out when you could be studying? Are you getting enough sleep and quiet time after studying so that your brain has a chance to store the information?
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    Re: Stressed!

    You're learning in order to obtain a good grade. That's the wrong attitude. You need to learn because you're hungry for knowledge and because you enjoy it.
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    Re: Stressed!

    No to drinking, drugs, and going out. Sleep and quiet time I definitely need to work on though.

    That attitude worked with all my past classes, so I thought it would work with this one too. :(
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