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I keep dreaming of my parent's place

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    Well over half the dreams I have are set at my parent's place, which is the original home where I was raised. But I haven't lived there in 14 years. Anyone else experience this? What is my unconscious telling me? That I need to get in closer touch with them? Or is it just that my first 17 years were my most formative, so my unconscious keeps returning to those years like a boomerang?
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    Don't bother to try to find any deep significance in this either way. That's the crackpot way of thinking (like Freud's ideas).

    Just accept that most human affairs&concerns are too darn complicated to say anything scientific about.
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    I have periods when I have alot of dreams all centered around the same place from my past. In my case I know there's no deep "meaning" to figure out: it's clear I just wish I were back there in that circumstance because I had something there I don't have where I am. In your case I'd bet what's prompting these dreams is that you are missing something about your time there you don't have anymore in your present circumstances.
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    I've had instances of dreaming of the same place over and over again. They're always somewhat fictional though. Even when I dream of places from my past they are always completely different in my dream than from what they really looked like in reality. The one that I have dreamt about the most is completely fictitious. It's also very extremely beautiful. If I ever found a real place like it I think that I would want to live there.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I would guess that you have been thinking about your home, or that something is reminding you of it, even if you haven't noticed. But consider yourself lucky. For years I dreamt about being attacked by a big wicker chair. And to this day you won't catch me near one of those evil things.

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