Physics 'challenge' type problems, High School (16-18) level

In summary, the conversation discusses a search for resources on physics for students during the summer break. The nrich and IsaacPhysics websites are mentioned, as well as the Edcexel Synoptic papers. A request for suggestions leads to the recommendation of Jaan Kalda's "study guides" and the Schaum's Outlines Physics books.
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Hi all
I've long been a fan of the nrich site for maths and in recent years it has started to add a section on physics here. I also like IsaacPhysics although I haven't used it much in the past year so am still trying to get used to the new layout.

I'm looking for other resources along this line, if anyone knows of any. Some of my students want (or their parents want them to) keep studying over the summer break and, rather than purely continuing to work through school course based stuff, I'd like to give them something different at times.

I've been looking through some of the old Edcexel Synoptic papers and while the questions are great for students at that stage, they tend to assume more knowledge than a student will have before they get to the end of that course.

My students are 16-17, so either about to begin their two year IB/A-level courses, or midway through them.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Ooh, thank you, lots to look at there.
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The Schaum's Outlines Physics books are fairly good.

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