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I know nothing about science, but want to start!

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    For those of you willing to help a fellow stranger out, I'd like to inform you I joined this forum in the hope some of you intelligent people could give me some advice. I am currently 16 years old and have never studied science in school, I know practically nothing but have lately found myself completely infatuated with scientific studies. I do not have science subjects available to cure my hunger for knowledge and basically I want to start from the bottom and learn everything I possibly can (if that means reading book after book and printing off homework from the internet, I'll do it) I just want to start learning but am struggling to find a starting point. I am interested in human bio specifically and want to be a Pathologist or Epidemiologist.
    Does anyone have tips or even website references? Any good books I can get my hands on or even any online tutoring?
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    Welcome to PF Lucy! PF is a good start.
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