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Im in High School and I know nothing about physics

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    :frown:hi folks

    I will be having a physics exam in next week and Im so noob dont know anything about physics :frown: what should I do please help me
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    You could start by opening a thread in the general physics subforum and ask for specific advice.

    how could we possibly know what you struggle with when you just lament "I don┬Ęt know ANYTHING, please help me!!"
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    wouldn't be that spamming ?
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    You must give us more of an idea what you'll be tested in. Imagine someone were to say "I need to know about music, but I don't know anything. Where should I start?" What would you suggest to them? There's so much about music to know. (How are trumpets built? What's the importance for a country to have a national anthem? Do singers get better or worse as they grow older?) The same is true for physics.

    So, what kind of an exam is this, and what will people expect you to know about?
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    it will be in Arabic :frown:
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    You should study for your exam!:wink:
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    George Jones

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    If you have an exam next week, that must mean that you are taking a course. The purpose of the course is to teach you physics. Have you been learning the material as the course has progressed? Have you been having difficulties? If so, have you tried to get help with the material?
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