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I need a bit of a pep talk. I'm having a rough semester so far.

  1. Mar 7, 2013 #1
    So a quick bit of back ground. I'm a 28 year old returning to school after a very long haitus (I only graduated 5th grade because my parents were religious wingnuts that insisted the end was nigh, and so took me out of school and made me study the bible instead.) I worked as a construction worker and Janitor for my adult life, but always loved math and science. So I finally did something about it, and I am back in college in my fourth semester. I am working on a degree in Electrical Engineering.

    I've made straight A's thus far, but that has mostly been in Gen Ed stuff (big deal) and early math classes like College Algebra, Trig, and early engineering classes in circuits and programming. Now this semester I am in Calculus 2 and University Physics 1. I always heard that these classes are made extra hard to try and weed out the weaker students, and I am definitely struggling this semester. I've had 2 exams now in each of the aforementioned classes. On the first exams I felt pretty confident I got good strong A's, but in fact made high B's on both. These second exams kicked my ***. I got a D on my Calc 2 exam, and I haven't gotten my physics exam back yet, but unless my professor is merciful I have a feeling it is going to be a less than stellar grade as well.

    I've never gotten a D on any assignment let alone a major exam, and I am just feeling a bit down in the dumps. I know I just need to buckle down, study harder, and recognize that I can't win them all, but none the less I feel like I need a pep talk, or some advice or anything of that nature. I don't want to be one of the weaker students that gets culled from the herd. Anything anyone has to offer?
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    Are you working with your fellow classmates and interacting with tutors? Take care not to isolate yourself. Even though you are older and not in the same demographic as your peers, you still need to work with them and interact with them to make the most out of your education.
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    Oh Dear. I can certainly relate to your experience here. My advice is to strike to the target. Who are your professors, and what do they want from you? What does their view of the subject seem to be, and (now that you have some tests in hand) how do their assigned problems present the material? You will be better off if you not only know the material, but are prepared to use what you know in the specific way they desire. My next advice is to toughen up. The ego takes a bruising- you may have to stop identifying with an idea of self that is infallible, and separate honest failings from moral ones. Going after what you really want means accepting and learning from failure, which is different from complacency. You can do it! Good luck!
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