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I Need Advice On How To Study More

  1. Apr 7, 2010 #1
    Hello I need some advice on how to study more I'm in the ninth grade and I don't study a lot, I don't actually study I just do my home work, I usually end up cramming before exams and getting average marks (90s in math and physics and the rest is in th 70s and 80s). I want to get used to studyin 6+ hours a day because I know cramming won't help me in Grades 10, 11, 12, and university.
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    I've found the method that works the best for me is to make chapter summaries with all the pertinent information, then study from those. Writing up the summary essentially forces me to read through everything to get a good idea of what's essential, then I can study the most important parts of the information.

    For example, when I'm working on calc, I'll read through the chapter, copying relevant examples, rules, theorems, etc., as I go, then use the notes (if needed) to work through the problem sets. Doing this, I don't need to cram, and I seem to retain the information better.

    Same with organic and biochem. Copy things that seem important as I go, do the problem sets, study from the notes if I need a refresher.

    Of course, I'm doing independent study, so I HAVE to do this to learn the information, I can't rely on class time to learn. Though when I was still in a normal HS I didn't really study because I retained enough from class to pass easily.
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    If you can find something you're passionate about. I know its cliche, but in the end if you find something you really enjoy it won't seem like you are studying.

    Also don't sweat it if you don't find that special something straight away: it can take many years of experimenting and seeing what fits and what doesn't.

    Good luck!
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    @chiro: I like studying math and physics and I do well in both, but I can't just study one thing since I'm still in high school, biology and chemistry are fine, and so is english, my main problems are geography, arabic, civics, and history (my averages in them are 65%, 60%,65%, and 70% respectiveley).
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    I think most of us look back on schooling and see some things as a total waste of time so you aren't alone in that regard. Hopefully you can get into a university or college that can put your marks into perspective: ie the subjects that matter you got high marks and the useless subjects don't count as much towards your chance of getting in.
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