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I need riddles, questions, etc. to solve

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    Hi everyone!

    I saw some good teasers here, but I still need help.
    I'm writing a game (using only console - yea, "text-adventure" game) and I NEED good questions. This game is planned to be one big riddle with some story, I can write the code, but I'm poor at riddles.
    So there's where you can help.
    I need riddles, questions, etc. to solve. Best just one word/number answer. What kind of questions?
    Well, game starts with randomly choosing 5 question from 25 just to test the intelligence of player. I don't want to test knowledge.
    So some "easy" questions (like the ones with flowers from here).
    Then more questions with increasing difficulty. Can be math question, all logical are welcome, but no "funny" are accepted.

    I hope you'll provide me some hood source, I'd be very grateful.
    Of course mentioning about help in credits and all this stuff :D

    PS. Sorry if something is unclear, or if there are mistakes, but I'm writing it after a day-long preparations to physics exam (not first one ~~)
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    That's great, but I still need more.
    But thanks for source, I'll surely use it ^^
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