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I need some advice please

  1. May 15, 2013 #1
    I want to become a really good theoretical physicist or astrophysicist but i need to go to another country to study physics in college because they don't teach here and i don't have enough money to go to study to the US so i'll be taking engineering here for 2 years (starting like in a month or two) so i was wondering if you guys could recommend me good books for self-studying physics and math because i really wanna do well when i begin college, also i am schizoid and i know that will make college harder so i was wondering if there was another schizoid scientist, thanks. P.S. I'm new in the forum and sorry for my english if there is something wrong.
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    The Feynman lectures on physics are always a good help 3 parts; classical mechanics, electromagnetism, and quantum. As for the schizo, I personally believe that the most brilliant scientists were probably the most disturbed having to constantly be aware of the fact that we know so little. Specifically I've heard tesla was never very social and kept mainly to his work, when there's really nothing wrong with all about perspective. I doubt you are truly schizo if you are still willing to learn this stuff it just means you are curious :)
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    Thanks for the response
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