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I produce a small wallet size pouch that I have had a lot of problems

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    I produce a small wallet size pouch that I have had a lot of problems figuring out how to make it close without impeding on the design of the pouch. The opening is a little over 3 inches. Its used to carry a cell phone and maybe some credit cards. A magnet would be perfect but for anything to get in the bag it would have to pass the magnet. Perhaps this is a stupid question but is there are magnet that is available that won't pose a problem for the cell phones and demagnatize credit cards - or even some sort of technology other than a zipper or snap that is available on the market that will fit well on a small leather good?
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    Re: Magnets

    No reasonable sized permanent magnet is going to pose a problem for a cell phone.
    Credit card stripes are only an issue if they are moved quite close to a strong magnet.

    Can you design the pouch so that when it's open the magnet is on the flap part held further from the card slot?
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    Re: Magnets

    Thanks for your feedback. That's good to know about the cell phone. You know I don't know... the pouch is shaped like a rectangle, and it opens at the top. The obvious choice for magnet placement would be in the middle. Of course a cc strip is off to the side, but there's no guarantee that somehow some way someone couldn't manage to rub the card strip right up the middle as they are removing the card. Seems unlikely but I have no idea how sensitive a cc strip is.
    Anyway again thanks for your feedback. If you happen to come across anything ever that might be even more helpful please keep me in mind!
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    Re: Magnets

    I wonder if a more traditional magnet, like you would see on a refrigerator door, would be better suited? It's not nearly as strong as the Neo magnets, but that may prove to be a good thing.

    Given a long strip of rubber magnet and little spacing between it and the metal it strikes (i.e. no leather between the two), the accumulated force could still be quite high.

    - Mike
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