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I the beginner have some general question

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    Keep in mind while reading all peaple who wish to learn must start somewhere i feel like a critique from peaple who know what there talking about might help feel free to tell me how wrong i am becouse i asume i am very wrong indeed

    i am just starting out in my very very very minuet view and ideas on quantum physics i was wondering as far as graphing goes i understand how to graph a one dimentional figure as well as a two dimentional and a three you simply add an axis ( I.E third dimentional Z axis) so theoreticly could you graph a 5 diimentional figure even without the understanding of what a 5th dimentional figure would look like.
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    welcome to pf!

    hi pureinterest! welcome to pf! :smile:
    not really

    any extra axis has to be perpendicular to all the others, and there's no way of representing that

    but if the graph is of a body or field with a symmetry, then we can "suppress" the dimension which has the symmetry without losing much information …

    for example, we often assume that a black hole is spherically symmetric, which enables us to represent its 4D space-time geometry with a 2D graph
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    that makes much more sense thank you
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    your looking at this too closed minded just because its only a pure math problem doesn't mean that it has no value to physics for instance E=MC^2 is only a math equation but what it stands for is where the meaning is
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    And just because it applies to physics doesn't mean it isn't a math problem. You're asking how to plot more than 2 dimensions on a plot. That is highly relevant to physics, but unless there is a specific physical phenomenon you are trying to represent, it is too general and falls in the domain of mathematics.
    tiny-tims provides a good example, you have 4 dimensions: time and 3 space, but the three space are the same, so you can represent it as only time and one space dimension.
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