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I use c to program. plot them with other software like IDL or origin.

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    I use c to program. Usually, I write the data to files and plot them with other software like IDL or origin. but I really tired of it, since i need open a file thousands times while debug.

    Is there any better method to plot the data. which methods do you use?
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    Re: plot

    Yes there is a much better way. I too have had to do the same thing until I found a solution in Numerical Recipes 3rd Edition. You will have to purchase the book or the source code but chapter 22 has a PSplot and PSpage routine that can be used to create graphs that open up automatically in a pop up window. You will need to download the GSview.exe from Ghostview also. The book is really worth the price.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: plot

    You can write data to a file, then from your C program run a separate program to generate a graph from the file and open it in a window. I use gnuplot.
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    Re: plot

    Get gnuplot. Learn how to run external programs from c. Make a function that writes a temp file and run gnuplot over it.
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    Re: plot

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