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I Open source software for integer programming

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    I don't usually need help in locating software, but I'm having a heck of a time tracking down a good open-source bit of software which solves integer programming problems using arbitrary precision! If I don't find one soon, I'll need to write it myself. Which I don't mind, but it's silly to reinvent the wheel. Besides, the sooner I finish my current math project, the sooner I can get back to physics projects.

    I'm using GLPK right now, and it's brilliant up to a point. I could hack on it to make it do what I want regarding big integers, but I prefer not to need to spend the time. So if someone knows about a quick solution, I would appreciate the help.

    BTW I have implemented a pure binary solver, but that's not exactly what I need. Not every variable is binary. I think I see a way to overcome this, but once again, I hate spending time on software if it's already available. But it must be free and open source.

    Thank you.
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    Have you tried Sage? It can do arbitrary precision integer arithmetic.
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    Thanks, I will check it out! I look forward to other suggestions as well.

    p.s. Here's one example of the use of linear programming in physics. It's a fascinating mathematical technique with a huge variety of applications.


    I did come across this reference from Sandia, but it's a bit dated now. Things change fast.

    This link opens a PDF.

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    Never mind. I have solved this problem without using any 3rd party software.
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