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Country of origin (COO) represents the country or countries of manufacture, production, design, or brand origin where an article or product comes from. For multinational brands, COO may include multiple countries within the value-creation process.
There are differing rules of origin under various national laws and international treaties. Country of origin labelling (COOL) is also known as place-based branding, the made-in image or the "nationality bias." In some regions or industries, country of origin labelling may adopt unique local terms such as terroir used to describe wine appellations based on the specific region where grapes are grown and wine manufactured.
Place-based branding has a very ancient history. Archaeological evidence points to packaging specifying the place of manufacture dating back to some 4,000 years ago. Over time, informal labels evolved into formal, often regulated labels providing consumers with information about product quality, manufacturer name and place of origin.

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  1. Parallelogram Area Formula Origin - YouTube

    Parallelogram Area Formula Origin - YouTube

    This is my first video!
  2. L

    Torque and Angular Momentum - Origin Misconception

    Homework Statement (Problems/diagrams referenced are attached as images.) Homework Equations Net torque about an origin = time derivative of the angular momentum vector about the same origin. The Attempt at a Solution I've solved these problems before, but I'm now looking back at them and...
  3. Cantor080

    Artistic sense-ualisation of elementary origins of the Universe

    I am searching sources, which would express purely (without any other expression on how the data was obtained, etc.) elementary origins of the universe. As we would have certain artistic visualisation on how our Mars rover would operate on landing on mars, are there sources which give data on...
  4. Cantor080

    I Was there any need or utility or aim, for Cantor's theory?

    Was there any need or utility or aim, for which Cantor created his theory? Did Cantor's theory clear any of the problems which existed before? (Though my user name is Cantor, I don't know lot about him or his theory :biggrin:) Reddit...
  5. YoungPhysicist

    B Symbol origin problem

    If A is directly proportional to B, A ∝ B .If A is inversely proportional to B, A ∝ 1/B But where did the symbol ∝ came from?
  6. mheruian

    B How the atom was proven to exist?

    How come atom was proven to exist just because the electron was discovered in 1874, atom was like a fad of truth on early 1800s right, where atom was pictured at that time like a small brick of ball and nothing else (no electrons, neutrons, protons, parts, etc) and on that year also, chemistry...
  7. Jakub

    Bi-exponential function fitting in Origin Lab SW

    I can't understand the exponential function fit for this set of data works well: ExpDec2 exponential function fit 0 3,04 10 2,77 20 2,52 30 2,27 40 2,09 50 1,92 60 1,75 70 1,62 80 1,51 90 1,43 100 1,36 110 1,29 120 1,24 130 1,19 140 1,14 150 1,09 160 1,05 170 1,02 180 0,99 190 0,97 200 0,95 210...
  8. S

    Relationship Graph Between Frequency and Tension

    Homework Statement After plotting a graph with frequency (f) of a wire on the y-axis and tension (C-Clamps) on the x-axis, a root curve was obtained. If the trend of the line is maintained, does it pass through the origin? Should it? Note: graph attached Homework Equations f is proportional...
  9. Solomei

    B Our solar system and its fellows

    Hello, I am new to this forum, so be brutal :) So, I've tried to find information about Earth's origin. The nebula, cluster we are a part of etc. but i could not find the answer I was looking for. For me, it seems logical that we are a part of a cluster. How often do we find a star whos just...
  10. E

    I Solar System Origins: Angular Momentum Problem?

    Hi guys, This is basically a quick question to hopefully find some pointers on a topic I've been browsing the internet on to not much success. Basically the topic I'm trying to find more information on is the angular momentum problem with the "nebular hypothesis" of the formation of our solar...
  11. entropy1

    B What is the origin of Observables?

    Why does an Observable have to be Hermitian, and why do the eigenstates and eigenvalues have to respresent the possible measured values? Is is by definition? What is the origin of this convention?
  12. V

    I Where does light come from?

    What are the different mechanisms for producing light or radiation. Annihilation comes to my mind. What are some other ways? Also, what state of matter is light? Given that a high energy photon* flows for an infinite amount of time through 'empty' space will it stay as it is forever or would...
  13. H

    Basic constant velocity graph question

    Homework Statement A boat is sailing starting from x = 200m. When interpreting x(position) vs. t(time) graph for this boat with math models x = -20t + 200(t<=10), Is it right to say "The boat is approaching to the origin" ? (When t <= 10) Homework Equations x = -20t + 200(t<=10) The...
  14. A

    The origin of the universe?

    Scientists suggest that there was nothing before the Big Bang. Nothing. Seems to me, the fact that the whole universe came from nothing makes no sense. I know that there isn't an answer yet but I would like to hear what others might think about this issue