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I want some help with an electrolysis epilator

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    I bought this cheap 240V AC powered galvanic electrolysis epilator. The ideal is that we can user a small amount of current, delivered with a thin needle, to destroy the hair follicle and achieve hair removal. This machine has a potentiometer installed that you can use to control the intensity of the current. The problem is that that current is a bit too high even at the lowest setting. The dial shows 0.5mA. I would like the amperage to be around 0.1mA to 0.4mA. Considering that I know nothing about electrical engineering and I do not want to mess with the circuit, is there any other simple way to decrease the amperage (maybe by increasing the resistance of the wire or my body somehow)?
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    Does that company make different models? I'd try to find a different off-the shelf (and safety approved) model.that does what you want.
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    Unfortunately no, it doesn't sell. Well, I knew that solution already anyway.
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