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I want to go for a Msc in Astrophysics but dont have the sufficient skills

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    Hello everyone. I have a challenge that has been bothering me and i would welcome any advice i can get right now. I have a BSc in Industrial Physics with applied Geophysics option. The problem is i dont know have a full knowledge of university physics and mathematics...am not even sure of my calculus but i love astronomy...it had always been my dream to be an astrophysicist....but i dont have the sufficient knowledge of university maths or physics to even attempt the physics GRE. the reason is that my foundations where not treated properly...in first year and i just had to cram my way through just for the grades (and i took some courses for granted) so i have scrappy knowledge of everything.

    Right now i am doing Matrices in Linear algebra...i dont know complex variables...i dont know differential equations, i have a scrappy knowledge in calculus...i dont know taylor series...fourier series...and all the advanced maths course from 2nd year up. As for physics..i dont know classical mechanics...i have a little knowledge of quantum...and absolutely nothing on Electrodynamics.

    So the question is can i still cover all these before the next graduate school entrance year and how long does it take to cover all these...should i start all over again as an undergraduate...or should i just forget about being an astrophysicist. i really love astrophysics...i read any publications i can get my hands on the latest in the subject..but i dont have the knowledge to understand them. So pls, is it too late for me???..
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    If you really want to become an astrophysicist, I'd suggest you to enroll into a bachelor degree in physics. You seem to be honest and from what you've described, you wouldn't have a complete first year of a B.S. in physics.
    I don't know you but why do you think it would it be too late for you to restart a degree?
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    i think its because of the age.....and the resources......am in Africa...Nigeria to be precise...and i want to do my education in the US because there are no good universities offering astrophysics here....that is why am asking if i was to do self study of all the fundamentals for masters in astrophysics...how long is it going to take...restarting is going to take like 4 yrs (am 23 now) and resources are limited so i need a way i can maximize both resources and time..
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    You may wish to explore opportunities at the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

    About AIMS - http://www.damtp.cam.ac.uk/user/ngt1000/aims.pdf
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    thanks...but does AIMS cover all areas in mathematical physics...and a mathematical fundamentals needed for masters level astrophysics...because checking through the only ones relating to physics are statistical mechanics and harmonic analysis....
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    i need a program that deals with the necessary skills in maths and physics for masters in astrophysics....for at most a year
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    AIMS is affiliated with several universities, e.g., University of the Western Cape. There are opportunities in astrophysics.



    What area of astrophysics is of interest. It is a diverse field. One could pursue cosmology, stellar astrophysics, planetary science, solar system dynamics, galactic dynamics, . . . .

    One could observational research and/or theoretical research.

    One needs a good foundation in mathematics, e.g., understanding and experience with multivariable calculus, particularly partial differential equations and systems of ODEs/PDEs.
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    so can AIMS teach me the maths fundamentals i need to know for astrophysics??....or do they teach masters level maths
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    as for the area of interest...am not really sure yet..but am thinking cosmology/stelar astrophysics....i want to go a bit deeper into the big bang theory... i feel there is something missing and i wish to explore it... but i just need the necessary maths and physics tools
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