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I want to know what are the differences between BSc( bachelor's of

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    i want to know what are the differences between BSc( bachelor's of science), BTech( bachelor's of technology) and BEng(bachelor's of Engineering)..? this thing is disturbing me alot.. please help. and which one is the best?
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    Re: bachelor's

    For a BSc you're studying science, i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology (Science perspective), Math (BA at some schools), etc. etc.

    BTech you're studying pretty much the same as a BSc program but with a more applied approach to things so that you're more career and work-force prepared rather than just pure knowledge based.

    BEng you're studying engineering of course, so: Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, etc. etc.

    If you want to know specifics just look at the schools you're interested in and see what they offer.
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    Re: bachelor's

    is this the way all universities term it or it is a world wide stuff??
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    Re: bachelor's

    I have no idea, where are you from? What Universities are you applying to?
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    Re: bachelor's

    At most schools I am aware of, the engineering degrees are BS (bachelor of science), rather than some kind of separate BEng. I'm not really sure what the difference would be though.
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    Re: bachelor's

    i think there are differences but i don't really know.. so help me out..
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    Re: bachelor's

    Ok well since I have no idea what Universities you're applying to in what countries I can't really answer the question for you since you haven't told me.

    Look at the webpages for the universities you're interested in. I'm sure they have the information there somewhere.
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    Re: bachelor's

    I am tudying at a french ystem (Université Hassan Premier in Morocco). the programme i am doing is called "LICENCE SCIENCE ET TECHNIQUE EN GENIE ELECTRIQUE).
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    Re: bachelor's

    It's hard to find any concrete information about the Morocco education system. From what I can tell it's very unique and they have their own system specific to what you're studying (based on what faculty you're studying in). It's equivalence to global degree programs (i.e. a Bachelor of Science from North America or a Bachelor of Engineering) will depend on the types of courses you take. If you receive a BTech from your school it might be equivalent to a BSc from a north american school. I can only assume that it's equivalence will be based on what your transcript says.
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