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Courses Uni course and Degrees confusion: BEng, BSc

Im current in last year of HND mechanical (100% distinction so far) and have HNC in general engineering (100% distinction).
Im better at the research and piratical bad at exams (diffucult reading and writing and slow comperhention skills and expression using writting what i want to transgress).
I been looking at uni course to apply for in Sept.

Ive looked at course and unsure.
There are:
Top-up BSc mechanical engineering degrees
Top-up Beng mechanical design
Beng Mechanical engineering

They all are accerited by IET, IME & engineering council

I prob wont be able to get onto Meng

I know future i want to got for master (100%) maybe even to Phd/EngD
Question is i have no idea what best route be
Would BSc be looked upon badly compared to Beng?
Does it matter if both are accredited by same places and if going for MSc aswell?
Would one hinder me in the future (say if i wanted to go for Charter engineering status even with BSc + MSc)?

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Are we supposed to guess what country this is?

piratical bad at exams
Oops. Avast me hearty! Are we supposed to guess what country this is? Arrggh!
Uk and my spelling is piss poor.

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