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I want to start researching in physics

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i want to start researching in physics but i dont know how .
i need a giude line .
so plz help me
Can you give some background information? Are you an undergraduate? what kind of physics research do you want to do?
If you're an undergraduate, you can get involved in some physics research right away. Just email a professor who knows you well (preferably one in whose class you got an A or high B), and ask if he has any projects you can work on. There are even a couple programs whereby the university can pay you for your work. My school had a program called UROP for students who were doing projects during the school year. Most schools also have a program called REU for doing summer research.

If you're almost out of college, then you might consider applying to grad school, but that's a whole other story.
Judging from the tone of the post... I'd say he's still in high school

one option is build a Cloud Chamber if you can, and record what you see, and try the experiment again through different times of the day and compare results and write an analysis and thesis to explain it. takes resources like pure alcohol and dry ice though. you are probably going to want something that takes no supplies
nobody else has any suggestions?

personally I think this is an interesting question. is there any way that a normal student can do research?

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