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IDE with support for MATLAB and Circuit Simulators

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    I am using Linux platform to do Embedded System Programming.
    I want to know the name of Integrated Development Environment software that runs on Linux or Windows (via Wine on Linux) and that has support for MATLAB and any circuit simulation software.
    Also, please let me know a good combination of IDE, Math Software, Circuit Simulation software and other tools required for Embedded System Programming on Linux Platform that is industry oriented. I am looking for software tools and software tools' combination. Industry oriented because Linux is free so I am assuming the software tools and software tools' combination needed for Embedded System Programming will also be free. I am also assuming that Linux platform is used in the industry for Embedded System Programming.
    Please name all the software tools and software tools' combination for Embedded System Programming that runs on Linux Platform.
    You can assume that I know hardware, programming languages, mathematics.
    Please name all the software tools and software tools' combination that you know that facilitates development of embedded system programs.
    I am assuming that MATLAB is used in the industry.
    Thank you.
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    Your best bet is to look at the MATLAB site and see if they have a circuit simulator toolkit:


    You won't find an IDE that simulates MATLAB to the degree that Matlab itself does. Matlab is a proprietary platform and clones can't come close to imitating it.

    Having said that, there are a few that do their best to imitate MATLAB like Octave IDE, SciLab IDE and the new programming language Julia.

    Some clones are listed here:


    and the Julia website is here:


    Julia is interesting because its been benchmarked to run faster than Matlab but its IDE are very different from Matlab namely the Juno editor:


    and the very cool iPyhthon web-based notebook IDE (see the Anaconda integrated python/julia distribution):


    I don't see a developed Julia circuit simulator but I guess that search can be left to the OP.

    Lastly one such non-MATLAB graphical input circuit simulator using Spice:

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