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Idea for Aqueous Homogeneous Reactor

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    How would a super-critical heavy water cooled and moderated two fluid aqueous homogeneous reactor with nitrate fuel work?

    Silicon carbide or alumina can be used as cladding for the internal seed core and blanket walls, with the silicon carbide on the blanket wall cladding stainless steel and the silicon carbide on the the seed walls covering Zircaloy.

    The nitrate base should remove the corrosion issues of sulfate fuel solutions, and allow thorium as thorium nitrate solution to be held in the blanket instead of being suspended as oxide particles.

    So how would this reactor fare in terms of economics and lifetime?

    You don't need to bend over backwards for this, just curious.
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    There are many problems with your idea. Mainly that it is the most nightmarish combination of engineering and nuclear conditions one could possibly imagine for any reactor design while offering no advantage over other designs.
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