What is Nuclear engineering: Definition and 241 Discussions

Nuclear engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the application of breaking down atomic nuclei (fission) or of combining atomic nuclei (fusion), or with the application of other sub-atomic processes based on the principles of nuclear physics. In the sub-field of nuclear fission, it particularly includes the design, interaction, and maintenance of systems and components like nuclear reactors, nuclear power plants, or nuclear weapons. The field also includes the study of medical and other applications of radiation, particularly Ionizing radiation, nuclear safety, heat/thermodynamics transport, nuclear fuel, or other related technology (e.g., radioactive waste disposal) and the problems of nuclear proliferation. This field also includes chemical engineering and electrical engineering as well.

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  1. Z

    Programs From a Nuclear Engineering BS, will I be able to do MS & PhD in Physics?

    Yes,, I know, it may not be the most obvious route but I had already submitted the subject preference list to the university and there is no way to change it. (Therefore, I beg you to not make me regret my choice, since, there is just no way to revert it) . The math I am going to learn from...
  2. emilmammadzada

    Design error in reactor nuclear simulation in serpent code

    Dear experts, I would like to get help from you on something. I want to design a vver -1200 core in the serpent nuclear code, but I am getting errors in the geometry I defined below. I would like to get help from you on how to fix these errors.I seem to be getting errors in cell definitions and...
  3. gmax137

    Vogtle 4 initial criticality

  4. physmcnp6

    Solving Fatal Error in MCNP6 Particle Alpha Mode

    the whole input are below warning. Physics models enabled. 1- c Created on: Saturday, January 13, 2024 at 19:20 2- 1 1 -0.998207 -1 2 -3 3- 2 1...
  5. TheMysticB

    Schools Looking for advice on where to go for undergrad to help lead to graduate work in fusion system design

    Hi guys, I'm a High School Senior from Oregon and need some suggestions on what I should do. I want to work on developing fusion and making it a viable energy source in our society. More specifically working on the materials that will withstand the actual conditions of the Fusion reaction. I...
  6. Astronuc

    Radioistope Power Systems (RPS) and Pu-238

    Radioisotope Power Systems - NASA One Step Closer to Fueling Space Missions with Plutonium-238 https://rps.nasa.gov/news/99/nasa-one-step-closer-to-fueling-space-missions-with-plutonium-238/ https://rps.nasa.gov/technology/ US DOE - What is a RPS? It basically uses decay heat (from nuclear...
  7. gmax137

    NuScale, UAMPS terminate small modular reactor project in Idaho

    https://www.utilitydive.com/news/nuscale-uamps-terminate-small-modular-nuclear-reactor-smr-project-idaho/699281/ Published Nov. 9, 2023
  8. Anisur Rahman

    MCNP: Can I input the X-Ray tube voltage in MCNP source specification?

    Can I input the X-Ray tube voltage in MCNP source specification?
  9. gxa

    Gaussian Energy Broadening tally

    I took measurements by placing 137Cs, 60Co, and 133Barium 5 cm away from the detector and simulated this with the MCBEND program. First, I compared the dose rates. Now I want to compare the spectra. I examined similar studies. They explain the way to go, but I am not exactly sure how to do it. I...
  10. cemtu

    I Why Bremsstrahlung <20keV for Tungsten?

    https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Bremsstrahlung-and-characteristic-radiation-spectra-are-shown-for-a-tungsten-anode-with_fig4_8365056 Fast electrons produce X-rays in the anode of an X-ray tube through two different methods. The first one is the interaction of electrons with the nuclei of...
  11. T

    Simulate3: Modeling 3-Batch Equilibrium Cycle for PWR

    Hey, Any one in this forum experienced in utilizing Simulate3 to model 3 batches equilibrium cycle for PWR. I prepared the casmo input files and prepared the initial cycle for the core , but i have trouble how to do the transition cycles in order to reach the equbilrium one.
  12. emilmammadzada

    How to Simulate Charged-Particle Energy-Loss Straggling in MCNP5?

    How can I make a sample code or a simulation about mcnp5 charged-particle energy-loss straggling?How can I find sample examples?
  13. G

    Engineering Career advice for a nuclear engineering graduate

    Hi everyone, I'm from an Asian country, and graduated with M.Sc. degree in nuclear power engineering last year from a university in Russia. Since then, I have been looking for jobs related to nuclear engineering but no luck up till now. Seeing that nuclear energy is getting trendy now in...
  14. DanialK231

    Is a nuclear engineering minor worth an extra semester?

    Summary: Since I did not start out in calculus 1 in my first semester of college I have to take an extra semester in my four years to get my bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and Clemson offers a minor in Nuclear engineering which would just add 15 more credit hours to my overall degree...
  15. D

    Where Can I Find the MCNP Technical PDF I Need?

    study something
  16. lysol

    Other Exploring a Career Transition from Physics to Nuclear Engineering

    Hi y'all, I'm a 3rd year undergraduate, finishing up a BS in physics and a BA in political science. I've been working at a computational physics lab since freshman year, my GPA is pretty good (3.73 right now), and I'm pretty involved in campus leadership. I love physics and the lab I'm working...
  17. B

    How do i get a nuclear engineering degree

    Summary:: how do i get a nuclear engineering degree im attending a cal state right now and I am on track to finish my 4th year and get my BS in finance this spring. i want to pursue a BS(maybe even MS) in nuclear engineering immediately after, or preferably start this fall. ideally, my end...
  18. xpell

    Could a high / very high temperature nuclear reactor operate in Venus?

    Hi. I'm just a curious person with high-school-level scientific knowledge. However, I was wondering if a specially-engineered Generation IV high or very high temperature (800-1,000ºC) nuclear reactor could work in Venus using the local atmosphere at 450ºC as "coolant", just like a "typical"...
  19. S

    Aeronautical Engineering or Nuclear Engineering?

    How did you find PF?: Via Google Hello, I am a new member here. Thano you for having me ! Im going through a dilemma. Next year I will have to choose a subject for higher studies. I want to work in space organisations in future and I like space researches. So basically Aeronautical Engineer...
  20. R

    Nuclear Looking for Nuclear Engineering must reads

    I'm asking for suggestions in various categories as some of them might be more important for coursework whereas others might be more recreational and to expand knowledge. I know for example that Knoll is the go to for radiation detection and Lamarsh and Baratta is the most important for intro...
  21. M

    Engineering Bachelor of Nuclear engineering, Masters in Mechanical?

    Hi, I am just about to finish my bachelor of nuclear engineering, my aim is to work in the industry " energy companies " ,I want to be a CFD engineer, where I can work in both the nuclear field and outside the nuclear field. Is a masters in mechanical engineering a good idea ? if yes, any...
  22. Syed Alam

    Pin-by-pin core simulations without spatial homogenization

    How can we achieve "higher-resolution" 3D pin-by-pin core simulators "without spatial homogenization" for the nuclear reactor core (PWR/BWR) calculations? In regards to this question, is it okay to perform "pin-by-pin fine-mesh core calculation" and/or "cell-heterogeneous detailed transport...
  23. M

    Engineering Almost done with bachelor of nuclear engineering, now what ?

    The field I am willing to work on is thermal hydraulics, I am more into the industry than academic work. I am now lost . the 2 options I have is either get a masters in nuclear engineering or maybe in mechanical engineering, or go into the industry and work in energy companies " which is hard to...
  24. Jjo5

    Engineering Switching from Nuclear Engineering to Physics

    (It became really long as I wrote, so I put my main questions at the bottom, so you can skip to it if you want) Hi guys, I got BS and MS in Nuclear Engineering. Research for undergrad, I did intern/design class at Argonne running monte-carlo simulation, so modelling neutronics and burnup of a...
  25. Syed Alam

    Career in "Reactor Physics and Core Design"

    Dear all, I have completed my MSc and PhD in Nuclear Engineering (Reactor Physics and Core Design) from a UK university. I am currently working at a National Lab in France. Can you please suggest/recommend me a site where I can find the most suitable jobs related to Nuclear...
  26. dRic2

    Programs MS in Nuclear Engineering or Engineering Physics question

    Hi, PF, this should be my 5th post or something here in "Academic Guidance" (I changed my mind a lot in few months :biggrin:, but now I really need to decide:nb):nb)) I'm considering to go for an MS in Nuclear Engineering that specializes in Nuclear System Physics...
  27. Q

    Engineering Nuclear Engineering Jobs that Require a lot of Travel

    Are there any jobs for nuclear engineering majors that require a lot of travel. International would be preferred. I would just hate to stay in one spot! Any job ideas would help!
  28. B

    Testing Maximizing Your Pre-Med Education: Essential Courses for Med School Success

    I consider myself premed, i.e. taking org chem,bio etc and only want to go to med school... but i'll be done with those prereqs at the end of this year, and i consider majoring in math. i.e. the last 2 years of undergrad i could do any major i want. and i wanted to know what courses are...
  29. O

    Help identify this label (electrical/nuclear engineering equipment)

    Hi all, New poster here. I'm wondering if anyone can help identify this obscure equipment label. I'm not an engineer so I can't hazard a guess as to what the abbreviations may be and what this device may have been used for. Rotary switches may have been involved on this equipment and NRADS...
  30. E

    Schools Grad School Advice -- Physics MS or PhD?

    I am going to be majoring in Engineering Physics at the School of Mines in Colorado. I also want to major in CS, seeing as I am a female and already considered worth less than my male counterparts [salary-wise]. I might be thinking ahead, I am taking the required science still to get into a...
  31. Kirk Truax

    Any tips for debugging MCNP geometry errors?

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had any good tips on debugging mcnp geometry? I'm an intermediate user working on better understanding the program. Does anyone have any tips or tricks that go beyond simply reading the manual?
  32. B

    Programs Is it possible to do masters in nuclear engineering with a physics degree

    Is it possible to do masters in nuclear engineering with a physics degree
  33. A

    Programmes to learn for Nuclear Engineering Masters

    I am about to begin an MSc in Nuclear Engineering. I am competent in MatLab language but wish to practice/learn another in the time before my course starts. Would I be well served in continuing to practice MatLab or to learn another from scratch (C/Java/Labview)? Are there any particular areas...
  34. Sai Maurice

    Engineering Nuclear physicist with nuclear engineering PhD?

    Hello Physicsforums. The title states my main question, but there is a little bit more than is revealed there. 1. Can you become a nuclear physicist with a nuclear engineering PhD? 2. If not, then can I get a PhD in nuclear physics with a double major in mechanical engineering and mathematics...
  35. K

    Schools Best major for nuclear engineering in grad school?

    Hi all, I'm currently a freshman studying mechanical engineering. My interest is 100% in energy production of all methods. However, I've wanted to work nuclear since I was 7 years old and intend to pursue higher degrees in it. I have chosen not to get my bachelor's in it as I feel a B.S. in nuke...
  36. R

    Engineering Thinking about my future job prospects in Nuclear Engineering (not a US citizen)

    I've mentioned my admission to MS Nuclear Engineering in the University of Florida earlier. Thing is I am a foreigner. What with all the security most countries have surrounding nuclear technology, would I be limiting myself in the number of parties I can work with? I am aware I have other...
  37. Kirk Truax

    What is the macroscopic cross section for natural uranium to thermal neutrons?

    Hey all, Does anyone happen to know the value of ν∑f for natural uranium? Here ν is the average number of neutron released from fission and ∑f is the macroscopic fission cross section of uranium. Kirk
  38. Kirk Truax

    What are the applications of MCNP in nuclear engineering?

    Hey all, I am a nuclear engineering student at OSU. Just stumbled across Physics Forums while attempting to make sense of MCNP (Monte Carlo N-Particle code) . The majority of my interests in my studies involves data manipulation and dosimetry. Kirk
  39. R

    Continuing to study physics or move to nuclear engineering?

    Hi. I'm a physics student in Italy. Within a year I hope to have gotten my three years degree. Usually, after that, physics students continue studying in their field choosing among theoretical, astrophysics, particle, nuclear, etc... Starting from next year we have the opportunity to move to...
  40. M

    Schools Curious for your input to accept my graduate school offer

    I'm currently actually a first year masters student in Software Engineering at a small state school in Wisconsin, but my Bachelor's is in Physics w/ a computational emphasis from the same school. For an undergrad, I had a fairly large amount of research experience in nuclear physics (2...
  41. G

    Schools Recommendation for Nuclear Engineering Graduate School

    I am applying for master's degree programme in Nuclear Engineering for this year and considering universities from the following countries: Russia, Korea, Japan, China I have a B.Sc. (Hons) in Nuclear Science degree which I've got it in 2009. Could anyone recommend me any good graduate school...
  42. P

    Nuclear Engineering: PhD vs. Masters for reactor design

    I had read a few helpful forums on the pros and cons of going for a masters vs. phd in nuclear engineering. However, I am still confused about one thing. I am considering pursuing a career in reactor design (fission or fusion, will likely make another post to discuss this). Here are my...
  43. Apollo16

    Schools PhD for Nuclear Engineering (Materials Emphasis)

    Hi all, I have been accepted to a few schools for nuclear engineering (masters and phd programs) and wanted an opinion on which school has the best groups for nuclear materials research? I have been accepted into the following programs: University of Michigan Texas A&M University Berkeley...
  44. P

    Better Textbook than Lamarsh for Nuclear Engineering

    I browsed this forum a while ago and saw that several people recommend Lamarsh's Introduction to Nuclear Engineering as an intro to this field. I have read about half of this book and really don't like it. Some of the equations are derived in confusing/roundabout ways. For example, many formulas...
  45. J

    Schools University of Zurich Nuclear Engineering

    Hi guys. I am a mechanical engineering student working on finishing my junior year. I have always been interested in nuclear engineering (and slightly regret not doing my undergrad in it) and am looking to obtain a master's in it and go work. I am in the U.S. so there are plenty of really good...
  46. M

    Courses Studying a nuclear engineering topic without a teacher?

    Hi, is it hard to study Neutron diffusion / nuclear theory from Introduction og nuclear engineering Lamarsh without a teacher ? , noticing that I will be taking Nuclear theory course on the next semester.
  47. M

    Engineering Nuclear engineering internship in EU

    Hi, is it hard to find a good internship in Europe for a third year nuclear engineering student who is not European ? do they ask for high GPA ?
  48. J

    Other Nuclear engineering vs nuclear physics vs quantum physics

    This is my final year at high school and i don't know which college is better for study. i love physics and chemistry especially nuclear subjects So i have lots of questions like what I'll study and the applications of it , where I'll work and which one is deeply focus on nuclear stuff...
  49. Q

    Nuclear Engineering and Chemistry Concern

    Does nuclear engineering require a lot of chemistry? Chemistry is not my strongest subject simply because I chose to skip it in high school. So I just wanted to know if it was heavily ridden with chemistry. And if so what topics do I have to look forward to. ugh...
  50. M

    Programs Starting a Nuclear Program, trying to get the news out.

    I'm a student at Purdue University Northwest and we recently started a Nuclear Physics program and I want to help get the news out but I don't know how. Currently I am the only student in the program, but we are trying to grow it. My professor for all things Nuclear is talking to the ANS...