Ideas for a physics related programming exercise

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I'm a physics student and need to come up with an idea for a relatively simple program for a programming exercise. The scope of the work is 5 ECTS credits which translates to about three weeks full time work. The program should probably include a simple gui so part of the effort goes into implementing this.

For the guts of the program I was thinking of something physics related but need some advice so as not to pick a project that's too overwhelming. So what could be an interesting topic for a beginner for this kind of work, any ideas? I know the basics of programming.

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Some kind of graphical simulator seems like an obvious choice - you could do a computer model of the solar system. or interactive diagrams of RLC circuits. Or something to show how spacetime transforms from one reference frame to another in special relativity (I always thought that would be interesting but I never got around to it). The possibilities are endless.

What kind of physics interests you?
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You could do something like a magnetic or electric field simulator/calculator with visualizations?