Identify unkmown compound lab HELP

  1. Identify unkmown compound lab HELP!!!!

    ok so i had to identify the unknown compound, which actually for me was Sodium carbonate. i dont know if i did this correctly because there was alot of confusion with my lab partner (screwed me big time, couldnt even count drops; i will be getting a new lab partner next week!) and time constraints i wasnt able to finish it up. I asked the prof if i could repeat it and ofcourse, she said no. just ignore the unknown compound section, but is the rest of it correct?

    i was supposed to find out whether the reaction is a gas, precipitate appears or disappears, or if the color changes.

    and this is the complete lab

    heres the image
    is this correct?

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  3. Re: Identify unkmown compound lab HELP!!!!

    not similar, it is. its mine, i posted on various sites so i can actually get an answer cuz no seems to be responding anywhere.

    please!help! its due tomorrow!
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