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Homework Help: Identifying Intermediates in chemical kinetics

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    I have the following mechanism:
    NO + NO -> N2O2
    N2O2 + H2 -> N2O + H2O

    We need to identify intermediates in the mechanism. I have no idea how to do that.
    In case it helps, here are the answers (not sure they are right, but I think they are) to previous questions in the exercise:

    The balanced overall equation is 2NO + H2 -> N2O + H2O

    The rate law for each elementary reaction in the mechanism would be:
    rate = k[NO][NO] (Why did they write NO + NO instead of 2NO anyway?)
    rate= k[N2O2][H2]

    Now we need to identify intermediates... How?

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    Intermediates are the compunds that drop out of the equation when you add together the elementary reactions to get the overall reaction. And when you add together elementary reactions you can cancel out the things that appear on both sides of the equation, these are the intermediates. Does this help?
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    Oh, so the intermediates would be the two N2O2 then, since I crossed them out when I added the equations..?
    Thank you so much, it actually makes sense now!

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    Yes that would be correct. Glad I could help.
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