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If another KT impact were to happen today, it would cause another Snowball Earth

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    http://www.snowballearth.org/could.html" [Broken]

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    I wonder about the scientific level of such statements. First of all, a warm Cretaceous ocean is a hypothesis, based on suppositions. No matter how sophisticated, it cannot be proven.

    Second, the rate at which the atmosphere cleans after a disturbance is not dependent on the amount of debris but on atmospheric density, particle size and gravity, which can easily been demonstrated with different volcanic outbursts. The bigger particles settle within a year (Mount Tambora eruption 1816 - The year without summer) while the smallest aerosol particles remaining airborne for about 3-4 years (Pinotuba eruption 1991). Therefore it is rather uncertain if atmospheric disturbance is long enough to create a "snowball earth". Regardless if now or during the Cretaceous.

    Hence statements like that are highly speculative and can never be tested, so why bother and hence the challenge of the scientific level.
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