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If blackholes, then antiblackholes?

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    consider two parallel universes like membraines. if a blackhole exists on the first universe then it vil bend the space time graph to an infinite point as we know. but since there exists another universe v can say that the bented spacetime of the above vil converge vit the unbent spacetime of universe below. thus creating a wormhole.if v think logically then matter or energy absorbed should b emmited by the wormhole hence creating a gate from one world to another. so the wormhole can be called as an antiblackhole.if v think conversly then there also can exists an antiblackhole in our universe. this can be the high emitting light source. so if there is a shinning source about 500 light yrs away v might predict that it may be a supernova but to see the explosion v have to catch a guy who is 500yrs old !! i now this is theorotical but i got this idea from the thread posted by shaan argon. thanks to him who made me think !!!!!!
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    I would say that this is not even theoretical, it is speculative.
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    i know that this is a clear hypothesis but somewhere i feel that white holes, wormholes and blackholes can prove that there exists an antiblackhole(so called a gravitational repelling blackhole). once a blackhole absorbs matter or energy it cant destroy it. it has to be converted or transfered. the next idea comes is blackhole has a singularity so it bcomes hard to predict. the only predictions we can make is where does this matter or energy go ? a mysterious question in astrophysics ! this leads to a conclusion that we cannot predict anything about this mystery unless we think in a hypothetical way.one answer is that the energy absorbed is used for the expansion of the event horizon bt again cant say coz each blackhole would go on increasing! so i want an answer may be hypothetical that where does that absorbed energy go ?
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