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If Cadmium is Toxic then how does it get in jewelry so often?

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    There are so many sources stating that Cadnium is toxic, so why is it put into jewelry that can easily be (and should be) made of safer metals such as nickel, or whatever would be safer, aluminum maybe? They want the jewelry to be cheap, but there are other metals that are cheap and safer, Cadnimum is more toxic than lead even according to various sources.

    This is an article stating these claims, and there are others if anyone wants to understand the question here more:

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    Re: If Cadnium is Toxic then how does it get in jewelry so often?

    This is not a chemical question, this is an economical question. There are three factors - availability, pricing, ease of metalworking. Producers select material that will be available, cheap and easy to work with, to be sure they can make the jewelry cheap and fast. They don't care much about anything else, unless forced by regulations.
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