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News If East Germany Could Secure Their Border So Can America!

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Has it come to this? We now look to our former enemies for solutions to our problems. As I recall, "the wall" stood as a symbol for everything we oppose. It was in part what defined the enemy.

    One of the most famous lines from one of the most famous Republicans ever was, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" No doubt Reagan is rolling over in his grave.
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    Apples and Oranges. The point was we can build a wall to prevent illegal immigration into the US while the Berlin Wall was contructed to prevent East Germans from leaving East Germany:

    "The Soviet-dominated Eastern Bloc officially claimed that the wall was erected to protect its population from fascist elements conspiring to prevent the "will of the people" in building a Socialist State in East Germany. However, in practice, the Wall served to prevent the massive emigration and defection that marked Germany and the communist Eastern Bloc during the post-World War II period." - Wikipedia
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    The Berlin wall was how long? How long is the US/Mexico border? What kind of terrain was in Berlin, what is the terrain of the Mexican border?

    Will be be allowed to shoot down in cold blood anyone trying to cross, no questions asked?

    Where do people come up with these idiotic ideas?
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    Who said anything about shooting down people in cold blood?

    A wall may be impractical, but a muli-layered fence is doable. Spend some of that stimulus money on it. There would be jobs in it for awhile. Maintenance afterwards.
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    To the extent that the Berlin Wall worked at all, it worked by shooting down people in cold blood. 136 people died trying to cross. But it didn't work, at least 5000 people crossed it successfully.
    http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/features/11/09/09/facts-about-berlin-wall" [Broken]
    Just as impractical. A "no-man's land" ran the length of the Wall, varying from the width of a street to about 300 metres.
    It ran for about 100 miles. There were some 300 watchtowers and 20 bunkers were manned by seven units of 1,000 to 1,200 soldiers each. The US-Mexican border is about 2000 miles long.

    Edit: And the East Germans controlled the departure side.
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    I am in AZ and we keep hearing about a two or three layer fence. The first two layers will be torn down and sold for scrap by the illegals. The final one will be found full of holes.

    Most of the border is in very remote areas. Build a twenty foot fence and they will find a twenty one foot ladder.

    We spent millions on a virtual fence that was to be built by Boeing. The first 14 towers were built with all kinds of sophisticated sensing equipment. The problem was that they could not see over a hill.

    Our most recent immigration law, the controversial AZ SB 1070, which I favored originally was written by the private prison industry. The governors assistant chief advisor was formerly a lobbyist for Corrections corporation of America and his wife still is.

    CCA stood to make millions off of detainees if there was a massive round up of illegals.

    The first thing we need to do is get the politicians and special interests out of the situation.

    The national guard helps, but all that they are allowed to do is report locations of illegals. They are not allowed to detain or enter into any kind of firefight.

    This only emboldens the drug dealers knowing that the national Guard will back off from a confrontation.

    Miller is full of himself about a comparison to the Berlin wall.
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    Of course anyone can get beyond a fence if they want but it's a way to symbolize a border. It's more of a psychological statement. "This is our country, that is your country." It's better than nothing at all to distinguish a border. Easier to monitor a fence than an imaginary line.
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    We live in a era of empty gestures. This one costs too much. Why don't you just wear a ribbon or something.
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    Yeah! A magnetic ribbon made and printed in China that you can slap on your gas-hog. That'll do it.
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    As George Lopez joked,

    “Who do you think they'll get to build the wall?”
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    I have read the Israelis had a problem with their border and they built a fence to stop them. A fence on the American border is not to stop any and all illegal immigrants from crossing, it is to turn what is (or was) a flood into a trickle. Of course some people will make it across. A few people here and there making it across is not a problem.

    Then I'd say it worked. 5,000 is a miniscule amount in the grand scheme of the Cold War. The idea was to stop what was a flood of people leaving and turn it into a trickle.
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    Totally different situations. The Berlin Wall was so a brutal dictatorship could forcefully prevent people from being able to leave.

    A fence on the American border is to stop people from illegally entering the country in massive numbers.
  14. Oct 19, 2010 #13


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    Which is different how? Is it necessary to have a "brutal dictatorship" on one side and "freedom" on the other? How about being able to make enough money to keep your family alive vs NOT? The jingoism on the immigration debate makes rational debate impossible.
  15. Oct 19, 2010 #14


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    We have fencing already, it's not working.


    Something like $1 billion was set aside for a new fence a few years ago.

    Why do people post if they don't know what is going on or what has already been done?
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  16. Oct 19, 2010 #15


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    It's fun to kick up **** and pretend that they know something. Already disproven by the "quality" of the post, usually.
  17. Oct 19, 2010 #16


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    The problem is not going to be fixed once and for all with a fence.

    There are dozens of clever ways to get here - by air, water, tunnel, train, back of a truck. Blocking one way doesn't get to the root cause of why they come. They come because there are no good opportunities at home, and they need to earn money for their families.

    This issue ties in to a theme that I hear from challengers this election cycle: all it takes to solve our problems is a little common sense...as if all our problems are just so dang simple. I wish it were so.
  18. Oct 19, 2010 #17
    I was aware of that fence, my understanding however was that the government was rather half-heartedly going about it. I'm talking about a serious fence.
  19. Oct 19, 2010 #18
    I don't get what you're saying. The Berlin Wall was so a dictatorship could hold people back from leaving the country. A border fence is to keep people (in particular a good number of criminals) from illegally entering the country. Arizona right now is the kidnapping capital of the world outside of Mexco City: http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/story?id=6848672&page=1
  20. Oct 19, 2010 #19


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    America was founded and bolstered by emigration. It may be possible to continue that progression, absent the jingoism and sloganeering of the neo-cons. Our society has always benefited by immigrants who were willing to work very hard and accept less than already-established workers. This is the historical version of "free trade" though it happened over decades, not years, and it greatly benefited the productivity of our country.
  21. Oct 19, 2010 #20
    On foot the fence isn't the biggest obstacle. Two to three days walking in the desert is.

    They take the seats out of vans and stack people in on top of each other. The record number caught in one van was 21 illegals.

    This mini van was pulled over by Boarder Patrol:

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