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If i wana work with nanothechnology what career to choose?

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    Here in my country i was thinking in ME, EE or chemistry.
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    Hey, sorry, but you just have to decide on something! You keep on making these threads and I guess it's fine in a way, since someone else can benefit from that, as well, but didn't you state in one recent thread you had (finally) decided on Chemistry? And though it's only a quote from the Sopranos, "more is lost by indecision than a bad decision", especially if you consider the fact that people keep on telling you there is no bad decision for you to make at this point, at least not as far as your concerns are, well, concerned.
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    Wow men im kinda crazy. To much indecision.

    For this same reason maybe i go for chemistry, there you have many many fields to work with it.

    I just dont wana end doing a boring job
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    The choice you are now going to make is not going to define your whole life. You can still switch majors if you happen to see something draws more interest than the other, but jobs will be good and bad in any profession. Sure, you can look for which profession has the best "median" or "average" job, but if you don't choose based on what you actually like most, then your chances of getting a job that is above that average will be smaller and the job itself could therefore be worse even if the whole profession's average is higher than the other one's which you chose to forego just because you figured jobs there suck more in general.
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    I wana make my decision based on my interest of what i would love to do.

    Ive readed electromagnetsim and i like it.

    But looks like chemistry books are better made or i dont know what, but i find them more interesting than physics books.
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    I already started with Electrical Engineering looks like in 1 year i can change my career.
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    The thing is that i really wana help society.

    Based on this

    EE or chemistry?
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    Yes, and people should follow that thread https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=426579".
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