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If science is an imitation of nature, what is the helicopter?

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    I was wondering today's how does the helicopter worked? Rotorcraft? I was wondering is their a bug that flys similar to the helicopter?
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    What is a big?
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    How likely do you think that is.

    As to your title, why should science be an imitation of nature? Granted it IS often, but is there any reason it NEEDS to all the time?
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    What is nature's version of a bicycle? Or telephone? Or extension cord?
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    Hmm I see
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    Looks like you might be confusing engineering and technology with science. Its easy to mix the concepts up... Science seeks to describe and predict our observations with theories. Engineering and technology seek to created useful devices and schemes which are often informed by scientific theories and sometimes inspired by natural or biological phenomenon.
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    Some technologies actively try to mimic or take advantage of natural processes (see most of the world of biotech) but many do not. You could argue that we see capability in nature and try to invent a way of having the same capability (e.g. flight) but we rarely copy what occurs in nature because of obvious differences.
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    jim hardy

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    Look up "Flagellum"


    Last paragraph of this link is as entertaining as the article is fascinating . Would paste it but when i try , it shows as a vertical column of individual letters.

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