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If you can create something like antigravity

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    I was wondering if you can create something like antigravity with a "frequency flux" changing with respect to time?
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    When you are asking about something that has no physical verification yet (meaning it is more speculation than anything else), then it is imperative that you be as as clear as possible in what you are asking. For example, what is "fluxing" through what surface area? And what is defined as "frequency flux"? And since a "frequency" can already be associated with a rate of change in time, what is a "frequency flux changing with respect to time"? This is a double rate of time?

    It is almost impossible to address a speculative question when the content is undefined or vague.

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    I can do that too :tongue2:

    Of course. But the problem with the frequency flux changer is that the Higgs boson inverter usually breaks very quickly, which leaves you with a totally displaced unperturbed bubble vacuum quantizer. The no-hair theorem then blows in your face, and as such, gives you a non-compensated singularity in the north-pole plane... :biggrin:

    Seriously, do you know what you're saying ?

    EDIT: seems Zz was faster, and more serious than I was...
    Moral of the story: just placing randomly words in a sentence is a fun game to play...
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    I did not place my words randomly. I was "playing theoretical physicist" and came up with my own law of gravifrequentic induction.

    The magnitude of the gmf induced is equal to the rate at which the frequentic flux changes with time.

    The Frequency force is to the Gravitational Force as the Magnetic force is to the Electric.

    While I'm at it I shall say that I also started to think if the different "frequencies of galaxies" was the cause of the expansion of the universe. Then I also came up with an frequentic energy density equation.

    I did not mean to bring up my new theory because I know people like me just can't do this here for usually good reason. I really just wanted to know if there was an already known technique where people are using varying frequencies to create something like antigravity or levitation?
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    Unfortunately, if you don't know enough physics, putting together physics words in some vague attempt to match physics you don't understand to physics you do understand results in random gibberish to people who do understand the words you're using.

    For example :
    Mixing and matching physics words doesn't a theory make.
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    haha, I had reasons for choosing those names. The equations are in the same form as well known equations, and so I came up with similar names.

    like mass current, gravitational potential, gravitational resisitance, gravitional resistivity, gravitational conductivity...

    eh, I must stop.
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    hmm...i don't think i will get an answer, but can you create an anti-gravity effect with angular acceleration?
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    Yes. The key is minimizing the delta losses from your gravameric flux-capacitor.
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    Doc Al

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    :rofl: OK, play time's over...

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