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If you could change a single historical event

  1. Jan 19, 2013 #1
    What would that be, and most importantly why?

    I have a couple that are probably counter-intuitive, but reflect my view of things.
    1. Delete christianity
    2. Delete Caesar

    Any one of those two would be fine with me. All in the benefit of science ofc. In any case justifications below.
    1. There's so much that can be blamed on it and mostly its overzealous fanclub.
    2. He, either directly or indirectly can be linked to the destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria.
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    Maybe delete industrial revolution, since all the environmental problems caused from it.
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    I wouldn't change anything . Why would any other configuration of the present be preferable to this one to me? Especially since I exist in this one.
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    Like some mentioned above, you should not delete a thing. This reality is great. Humanity is constantly improving upon itself, so why would you change a bad situation of our past? We ultimately learned from the gross injustices, thus made improvements in terms of our ethical code. It would be rather silly to want to go back in history and change the reality of our world only to have the injustices possibly repeat and cause us to delay our improvements in our ethics.
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    I'd probably just change that one time I messed up and created an alternate reality full of gorgeous women. Worst. Mistake. Ever. Of all time.
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    Thanks for the joke, I laughed quite long at this one. Anyways back to the question if there was one thing I would change it would have to be the ol' agricultural revolution by the fertile crescent. Tis' the inception of our long journey in ruining this beautiful planet and the creatures on it.
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    I wouldn't dare mess with it unless I could undo it if it didn't work out.
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    I'll go back to the moment Coke decided to stop making Coke Black. I need my coffee coke =(.
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    Rhett should have gone back to Scarlet.
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    No he shouldn't have. Getting as far away from her as possible was the best decision he ever made.

    Scarlett spent her whole life surrounding herself in drama. Do you really believe she changed just because of one dramatic event (death of Melanie)? At least do you think the change was substantial enough that she wouldn't change again with the next dramatic event she encountered?

    A better change would have been to have never gone to her in the first place!
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    The industrial revolution also had a great deal to do with ending slavery.
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    You're not taking sequels into account. If he would have listened to me, he would never go hungry again.
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    Yeah, biggest mistake, because you are in this reality and not the alternate.
    Was it the red or the blue pill?
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    I think they gave me one with polka dots.
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    Butterfly effect people? Remember that one? I wouldn't touch a thing!
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    Great dying.. //Diversity of evolved brain species like humans Or is it allowed?
  18. Jan 20, 2013 #17

    jim hardy

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    Adam and Eve kill and barbecue the snake.
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    We may not be exactly perfect but there have been improvements.
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    Under assumption that I have a GURPS ability: "rooted in probability" and even if major time paradox happen I still exist?

    I'd try to remove assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria with hope of eliminating WW1, communism, and willingness for Germans to look for revenge in WW2. (but I can't exclude a possibility that a different total war can be fought in XXth century)

    Presumably the outcome (price/backslash/whatever) would be maintaining monarchies for a few decades more, slower decolonization and developing nuclear weapons first not by the US, but by German Empire. Paradoxically it would be possible that I would not be living in an independent country now.

    EDIT: Matrix - do you think that we would not develop a different universalistic religion? (or give a chance to already existing one, to become the dominating one like to ex. Zoroastrianism)
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  21. Jan 20, 2013 #20
    Hmm. My answer is kind of similar to CZCibor. Only that I would say to eliminate all major wars that ever took place. While this sounds impossible to the kind of world we live in. it is kind of the utopia kind of wishful thinking. But, you did ask what in history I would want to get rid of.

    Instead of wars for example to Early America I could only wish the early settlers made peace with the Indians. The Indians did not care for money they did not have. The land and the freedom were there.

    But if Indians did use arrows and tomahawks does mean they had to war against even other tribes at times. That also would have been eliminated.

    From the Persian Empire to the Babylonian empire to Alexander the Great to the Roman Empire to the Ottoman Empire to all and every war even until now of Syria could be mended by a peace treaty.

    I don’t like war even if good or bad on either side. Rather take captives and place them in prison at least to live. I am against Death penalty. I choose Life in prison. When someone is meant to die they will. No weapons needed to take ones life. Everyone deserves to live even them behind bars. Let Death takes it own course. Not to intervene in speeding it up in any way. Life to me is of great value more than the weight of Gold and Silver. . Life is greater than anything one has discovered outside of life. You will for example notice a freeway if people would drive in the speed limit would share the lanes. Life can be just like that if we count everyone than just ourselves. For after all we don’t live in this world alone. .
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