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If you were to start over your mathematical education

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    I found a list of books on Amazon from a graduate student in math, who made a list of books he/she would recommend to undergraduates considering graduate school in math. They are books that he/she would ideally have learned from in undergrad classes, or that would have benefited him/her greatly during undergrad years. Some of the books on the list were Artin's Algebra and Differential Topology by Pollack. So, I was wondering, do any math graduate students in this forum have books in mind that they found very good to learn from?
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    Hmm... can you link to that list?

    I'm an undergraduate myself.

    I'm currently reading Andrew Wallace's "Introduction to Algebraic Topology", and I like the style very much. I can't say I have enough perspective to recommend it over any other book, however.
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    For a first course in the following topics, I especially liked the following books:
    "Complex Variables and Applications" by Brown and Churchill
    "Elementary Number Theory and its Applications" by Rosen
    "Contemporary Abstract Algebra" by Gallian
    "Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems" by Brown and Churchill
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