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Ignition coil as Hvdc transformer

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    Can a large scale ignition coil drive type circuit can be used for stepping up the dc voltage
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    There are lots of sites with circuits to drive ignition coils for plasma bulbs or jacobs ladders. I wouldn't try any of them, especially those that use a dimmer connected to the mains or a camera flash. I was surprised how crappy most of the circuits are. Really --- most of what is being said and the crappy circuits I saw would only produce flames.

    This is the only site I found with solid information and theory of operation. As you can see, beyond a simple mechanical switch method, it is not simple to safely and reliably build a HVDC power supply. If you don't understand the circuits and the theory, don't try it.

    http://www.sci-experiments.com/HighVoltagePulser/ [Broken]
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