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I'm a Portuguese physics student willing to know people like me

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    Hi everyone. I am using some of my summer free time to learn about new subjects in Edx, Coursera, watching TED talks, reading some interesting books to refresh my mind and trying to have some fun too. I would like to meet people like me that like that are curious and like to learn. I'm thinking about going to the US to study.
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    Come on, why nobody has answered me yet with 190 views? Don't you want to connect with other people that have the same interests as you?
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    Might not be too many people from Portugal on here. You would probably have better luck finding physics, math and science students at your local university. They might have a club or society you could join or follow.
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    Yes I know but the point is to meet students from other universities :)
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    Welcome to the forum.

    You should read the forum rules. Bumping your own thread like you did in post #2 is a no-no.

    The fact that people are signed up for this forum already SHOWS that they
    . They demonstrated that by asking and answering specific science questions. If you are looking for social chit-chat, this is not a good forum for it but if you have specific science questions, this is a GREAT place. :smile:
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    oh sorry about it, I didn't knew it was impolite to bump in my own thread. I've been using the forum for about one year to help me in my study. Now that I am on vacation and have some free time, I would like to do a sort of cultural scientific exchange. Anyway, the invitation is still up to whoever may be interested! :)
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    Hey man, I'm portuguese too, where do you study?
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    Welcome, tsuwal! I hope you like it here :smile:.

    What's your favorite fish?
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    Hi Tosh5457, I sent you a PM so we don't go offtopic here. I am studying at IST, Lisbon (I think it's written on my profile)..

    Lisab, I bet you are a marine biologist/physicist. Gastronomically speaking my favorite fish is cod, but the ones that I like the most and whish they were in the aquarium are those squids and crabs from deep-sea gigantism. I also like dolphins because they are very smart.
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