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Im not sure if this is the right section but try and help anyways

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    Mod please move if this is the wrong section I',m sorry if it is.

    This is my first post on the site. I'm bummed about physics. I'm a biology major with hopes of going to med school. Chemistry and biology are super easy for me it I can do it in my sleep. but physics gives me difficulty. the qualitative information is really easy for me i do well with the concepts. I had my first physics test yesterday and totally bombed it. I got a near perfect on the qualitative questions (multi choice) but i did horrible on the written responses like the word problems. We are doing vectors and free fall some pretty basic stuff but i did horrible on this first exam. there are 5 more including an open book final. but im really bummed cuz the teacher said this was the easiest exam and the difficulty peaks at exam three. The good new is he drops the lowest exam so thats good. I'm wondering if you guys or gals can gimme any positive words and advice on how to study and have success in physics. its college physics which at my school means the class without the calculus in it. the next section we are doing is projectile motion. thank you all again and i look forward to posting here more.
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    Do lots of problems. Even if they're not a required part of the homework, do lots of problems. Physics isn't something you can learn by reading; you must actually do the math.
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    Jack is absolutely right. One should work through all example and review problems.

    Usually "word problems" test one's conceptual knowledge of a given topic, and whether or not one can apply what they've learned to a practical issue. If one is having trouble in this area, allocating extra time to work through additional problems will help increase one's understanding of the material.
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