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Imagining particles, fields and interactions

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    Imagine that you never heard about particle before.
    For you the all the forces in nature are described by scalar,vector etc fields.
    now you calculate the hamilton of the field and the momentum of the field
    and you ill replace the the field say phi and its momentum by operators which satisfy the usual commutation relation {phi,p}=i which is equal to zero for space like seperations etc etc
    Now do you see particle like behaviour coming out of this framework?????????????
    Be frank.
    Just imagine
    Mathematically it does make a lot of sense like you have experienced with the 1 dimensional harmonic oscillator but to treat particles as very real entities within the framework of QFT??????????
    it makes sense now since we have read things,but what if you were an 18th century clasical field theorist and just randomely thought about this idea of field quantization
    do you think he would recognize particles coming out of the framework??????
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    I don't understand all of the above, but perhaps therein lies a hint that 'particle' is not a label for a point entity existing at a particular point in spacetime but a label for a process which encompasses the entire lifetime of said entity.
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