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Homework Help: Implementing an average counter for an array

  1. Mar 10, 2006 #1
    i need to get this array to calculate the numbers that are less than the average and greater than or equal to the average.

    first of all, i need to figure out how to make a counter to count the average of the array! i can't find the code in the textbook

    here's what i have so far:
    Code (Text):
    #include <stdio.h>
    #define MAXARR 20

            arr[MAXARR], i, counter, value, no_of_elements, max,sum;
        /* User is requested to enter values from keyboard until -1 is entered  */
        counter = 0;
        printf("Do not entere more than %d values\n\n",MAXARR);
        printf("Enter value (-1 to quit): ");
        scanf("%d", &value);
        while (value != -1)
            printf("Please enter value (-1 to quit):   ");
            scanf ("%d", value);
            counter = counter + 1;


        /* Output routine.  The number of elements entered is displayed         */
        no_of_elements = counter;
        printf("%d values were entered\n",no_of_elements);
        printf("these values are: \n");
            printf("%d  ",arr[i]);
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  3. Mar 10, 2006 #2
    Code (Text):

    int sum=0;

    for(int count=0; count<counter; count++)
       sum += arr[count];

    double avg = sum/counter;
    There's probably more efficient ways, but this is the easiest one I know of. From there, its a matter of another loop through the whole array and a simple if-else statement.
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